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August 1, 2016

See Reunion page for information and registration forms.

February 05, 2015

New Members

Robert Bundy MM3 1963 - 1965

Kendall R Cook Ens/Ltjg 1964 - 1965

Alphonso (Al) M De Carlo SFM3 1962 - 1963

Lloyd J Driesen MM2 1963 - 1964

Frank Gratton SFM2 1962 - 1964

November 22, 2014

Model of the USS John W Weeks was donated to association by Eric Perryman at this year's reunion. See the picture and additional information by chicking the link below.


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Sick Call:

If you know of any of our shipmates that are sick or in the hospital; please contact Bob Miller or Dave Kutz.


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If you know of any of our shipmates or family members that passed away; please contact Bob Miller or Dave Kutz.

January 30, 2016

John Robert Beuler , Served 1950 - 1953

Vernon Zane Smith , Served 1946 - 1947

Hugo Donatelli  , Served 1960 - 1963

Dan Beers , Served 1963 - 1965


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Welcome to our website, please explore it and learn more about the USS John W Weeks, the ship affectingly known by her crew as "The Leaky Weeks".

Our Mission

"To honor the memory of the USS John W Weeks and the men who sailed on her."

About Us

The USS John W Weeks DD-701 Association was founded in 1986 by Hal Gross, a former shipmate.


After locating some of his former World War II shipmates, he organized the first USS Weeks reunion, which was held in Downingtown, Pennsylvania on September 1986. In 1988, the Association and reunions were open to Post World War II shipmates. To date, we have had twenty-two reunions throughout the United States.


We now have on our roster over 950 shipmates that served aboard the USS John W Weeks from the time the ship was commissioned on July 21, 1944 until the it was sunk off the coast of Virginia on August 12, 1970. The Bureau of Naval Personnel estimates that over 5000 men served on the USS John W Weeks during the period that the ship was commissioned. We are actively searching for new members to join our Association. Membership is open to all personnel, officer and enlisted, who have served on board the USS John W. Weeks. Wives, widows, and family members of persons eligible for regular membership are welcome and eligible for membership as Associate Members. We need your help, if you served or if you know of someone who served living or deceased, please contact us. We currently have over 400 active members in our Association.

United States Navy Memorial Plaque

On June 11, 2007 the  USS John W Weeks Association members participated in a Commemorative Plaque Dedication at the United States Navy Memorial in Washington DC. Representing the Association, were Robert Miller, Len Budzynski, Tom Wilson and Jim Harkins. Also several members living in area participated in the dedication. The Plaque was donated by John and Robert Miller. The ceremony was conducted by Rear Admiral Richard Buchanan, President and CEO United States Naval Memorial.


When visiting the U.S. Naval Memorial in Washington, D.C., be sure to take time to view the plaque honoring the USS John W. Weeks (DD-701).


National Museum of the Pacific War Plaque

To know the epic story of the Pacific War is to be humbled, and at the same time inspired and strengthened, by the magnitude of that generation’s sacrifice and triumph. The National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas is the only institution in the United States dedicated exclusively to telling the story of the Pacific and Asiatic Theaters in World War II. It was founded with the mission to honor the eight million Americans who served in the war against Japan and the more than 100,000 who gave their lives. The Museum believes that the best way to honor them is to pass on the story of their labors, their sacrifices, and their triumphs to future generations. Thick native limestone walls now enclose a memorial courtyard with more than 2,000 commemorative plaques honoring individuals, units and ships that served in the Pacific Theater. Families, friends, shipmates and comrades in arms have provided the content of those plaques. The Memorial Courtyard stands as a unique testament to love, friendship, duty and memory. Here, public ceremonies on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Day and throughout the year celebrate the profound gifts of freedom and security that the veterans of the Pacific War gave to the nation. At the 2011 reunion business meeting, Bruce Neidemire suggested that a plaque be placed in the memorial courtyard in memory of the USS John W Weeks.  The proposal was vote on and passed by the membership. Thanks to Karen Wilson the plaque was paid for with some of the monies sent to the association in Tom's name. View the plaque.





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